redhotmamainmd's Journal

I love to dance, hang out with friends, and act silly. I love going to karaoke at Delounge.

I AM A DRAMA-FREE ZONE!!!! (insert "ghostbusters like" symbol here)

I am one of those people that everyone thinks "looks like a nice person" or that I look like someone that they know... And I am the type of person who complete strangers walk up to within minutes we are talking about "heavy stuff". I would like to think that I am a genuinely sweet person with a gentle spirit. I make friends easily and am often trusted with the deep secrets of others.

In public, I alternate between being a total vixen and being pretty shy (but, mostly I am shy).

I would like to think I am cerebral, but not snobby! Big brains are sexy. Stimulating me intellectually is the key to everything.

I adore children, babies and animals. I happen to be married and a mom of 2 fantasic kids.

Yes, I am a natural redhead... although my with age I need more help in keeping it red, and not some really weirdo strawberry blonde, washed out mess...
Any way, you know what they say about redheads don't you? ;-p