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06 March 2012 @ 02:22 am
lots of changes in my life in the last year
lot of changes in my perspective, but much more "clarity"

I am incredibly thankful for my various relationships with significant others, and also with friends, family and coworkers.

however, will say I am probably the happiest I have been in 20+ years
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31 December 2011 @ 01:36 pm
good deed of the day / karmic good deed of the month!!!!!

(background to this is in November I lost a bank card and as a result had my checking and savings account wiped -- it took almost 2 weeks for me to get my money back and I had no cash and was PANICKED for that whole 2 weeks)

Today, I went to Target and found someone's debit card on the sidewalk. I picked it up and put it in my purse because I had a lot of errands to run.

Once back home, I tried to look the person's name on facebook, 411.com and just googling the name and maryland but couldn't track them down... so I called the 800 number on the back of the card and reported the card missing. The customer service person on the line seemed SHOCKED that I called to say I found the card.

I hope that person is appreciative of what I did and what could have happened to their bank accounts if a person without morals would have found it instead of yours truly
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27 December 2011 @ 09:48 pm
so, first chanukkah as a separated person
lots of good times with the kids

but probably the most fun -- was having dinner with Chad and the kids. The kids were on good behavior (for them, I mean they are 11 and 14 so good behavior includes game playing, smacking each other and ripping farts). Actually, a good time was had by all and I am really quite glad.

Was worried about ANYONE meeting the kids. And that went pretty smoothly. WHEW
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02 December 2011 @ 11:14 pm
well, I haven't posted on here in a long time
Feel like a zombie rising from the grave from a LiveJournal perspective.

Anyhow, like how I apparently inspired ChadU to get onto facebook more -- he inspired
me to get back on here.
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01 November 2010 @ 08:16 pm
Yesterday I ran the Marine Corps Marathon. I didn’t do as well as I expected – and for a variety of reasons, I wasn’t that impressed with the MCM. But, after a good night’s sleep and a big breakfast, I decided to write about my experience (good, bad and indifferent) and to “take note” of some lessons learned.

It was my 2nd full marathon (was supposed to have been my 3rd, I got “snowed out” of the Austin Marathon last year due to 2.5 feet of snow!). I have also run 4 half marathons, 4 10ks, and an 8k race before and have been running for about 3 years total. So, I am not a super experienced runner, but not brand new either. I am also a self-proclaimed CLYDESDALE (not a racehorse) or a RHINO (not a gazelle)--Proud member of the “back of the pack club” who is slow and steady but I “do it”!

I did the same training program (www.marathonrookie.com ) as preparing for last year’s Richmond marathon. I am about 15-20 pounds lighter than I was running last year – much leaner and in “better shape” overall. At my last ½ marathon, I completed in 2hrs 30 min exactly… so with all things considered, I figured I would run between 5 hrs and 5.5 hrs (last full marathon’s completion time)

Even so, I also knew that I was (am!) going to run in the Richmond marathon in 2 weeks. I have a very detailed and specific training program for “what to do” between the 2 marathons. But, in my head I didn’t think that running my hardest would be a good strategy… after all, I don’t want to be too sore, too tired to run the same distance in 2 more weeks.

And thus, even though I figured 5-5.5 hrs, I told myself that I was going to not officially have a time goal for myself this time (and only a cross the finish line goal for Richmond too).
So that is the background.

Getting to the packet pickup was horrible. I really hate our metro system here in the DC area. There was also a big political rally and the marathon stuff but the trains were running on a 15 min non-rush schedule and with short trains! They were packed like sardines and I had to wait for a second train before getting on to go downtown. Not pleasant at all.

Once I got to the convention center, I was super impressed and getting more and more jazzed up while at the health fair / packet pickup. It was well run, well organized, and lots of vendor booths, neat stuff!

The metro ride home was even WORSE. I had 3 total trains I could not get on because they were too full. I really hate metro.

Fast forward to MCM morning. I was dreading taking metro (fearing another “clusterfuck”) so planned to get on the train on the earlier side to give time to get there and not be rushed. It was actually “not bad”.

But the walk from Pentagon to the race village/ start was long. It was 42 degrees and dark! There were 3 port a pots near the metro station and the line was 40 people deep for each one! Of course, I had to “go” and decided to wait – knowing there would be more at the racer’s village.

A gross note is that all along the pentagon parking lot, by the trees were lines of men “whipping it out” and peeing. (BTW, this was a theme for the entire race!) GROSS! But, at least then those gross people weren’t going to be in line for the port o pots later, I guess…

Had to go through the security area-- That was a total joke. There were 5 tables where Marines eyeballed you and looked at your bags. But, we were instructed to go to a table with the least line. Once you were told you were ok, you walked through the rest of the area. I NEVER saw evidence of anyone doing more than eyeballing your stuff through the plastic bags (you could put a handgun or explosive in the middle of your clothes and would get past the line!)… also, they didn’t mark your bag or anything, so you could walk past all the tables and no one would have stopped you.

Dropped my race bag off at UPS truck and got in line for the port o pots. The line was INSANE. Yes, technically seemed like a lot of them were available, but the lines were 40-50 people deep. SIGH. Now I really had to go.

While waiting in line, the lady behind me was really rude and elitist. She said that the lines were usually not so bad, her 5th MCM. But, that clearly all the people in line were “amateurs” who were actually “taking their morning dump” and that must be why the lines were long this year. I couldn’t believe this! Yeah, well, sorry lady, I was one of those who actually needed to pee and poop too because that is my body clock… and yeah, people actually need to poop.. . and better now than to realize at mile 20 and shit yourself…. Whatever….

TMI above, I know… point being that once I was able to get into a port a pot and go, the starting gun for the elite runners had already gone off!

I ran to the start line and got into the proper corral (5-5.5 hour corral)… but didn’t have “that much time” to get into the corral… then I realized there were like HUNDREDS of port o pots along the start line ,you couldn’t see them from the UPS truck area OTW I would have gone closer to the start! GRRR!!!!!

OK, so I go across the start and am running, feeling good. Come to mile 1, and I am feeling like I need to pee. WTF, I went at 5am, and just a mile before and I had to pee again…. Luckily at mile 1 were some port o pots and I peed like a freaking race horse.

The temps quickly rose from that 42 degrees to mid 60s-- Was not expecting to be that hot. It was also very windy, with 10-15 mph gusts that were frequent. Constantly felt was “running into the wind”.

Between the temps, the wind, and just running so long, I was trying to be conscientious about drinking fluids. But, I kept having bladder issues (guess this is better than having “runners trots” which is my usual problem)… and having to pee is more “controllable” than having bowel issues. During the whole race, I had to stop 4-5 times total to go pee… and each time I peed a lot. WTF? It made me second guess drinking fluids (which I was drinking 1x per hour, but about 10 oz each time, the “usual” amount, and the recommended amount). Made a mental note to keep drinking, but part of me wanted not to because I was getting mad at my ever slower overall pace due to stopping frequently, and due to lines each time to wait my turn….

Well, I guess I wasn’t the only one with bladder issues. LITERALLY THE ENTIRE RACE, there were clusters of men on the side of the road peeing. And seriously, it wasn’t even like they were trying to make the attempt to go into the woods. I saw more genitalia in 5 hours than I think I have in my whole life combined! I have NEVER seen anything like this in any race I have been in before!!!! I was pretty horrified, and these things usually don’t bother me. A few guys, sure—wouldn’t phase me, but HUNDREDS, it was just disgusting and unsanitary.

So, as I was running the race my head wasn’t totally into it. I don’t know why. I kept skipping past songs on my i-pod to find the most uplifting, booty shaking songs. I told myself repeatedly to “suck it up” and to “just pull it out of your ass”. I also “rewarded myself” with my stash of sports jelly beans and the caffeinated ones faster than I planned. And when passing the music I turned my music off and even did a little booty shaking & arm pumping (especially with the Brazillian music group – they were fun) as ways to try getting more motivation.

My family was waiting for me at mile 10, 23 and the finish. My kids even made signs. It was nice seeing them and I told myself it was bad to disappoint myself, but worse to disappoint my kids. So I kept going and was sure to kiss the kids as I went by also.

Maybe it is because I am “too familiar” with the area. But, I didn’t get the usual satisfaction out of looking at scenery – it was all dudes PEEING! And no animals, no real interesting “newness “.

So since the usual scenery things weren’t making me motivated, I decided another way was when I passed a “hot Marine” I yelled out “we love hot marines!” – Which made others running around me laugh and seemed to entertain the Marines too. And I thought it was funny. So I kept looking out for the “hotties”.

Don’t know if this is typical for the course, but it seemed the “road surface” integrity was HORRIBLE for most of the course. Potholes, uneven surfaces, lots of cracks, lots of loose gravel, etc made it IMPOSSIBLE to “just run” and in so many places I needed to look down, slow down, and really FOCUS on the road for fear of turning an ankle or other injury.

They also changed part of the course. This didn’t affect me that much since this was my first time running it. But, there were a number of areas that “bottlenecked” and you couldn’t pass – this ALWAYS seemed to happen when I got stuck behind a big group of people running together and either they were much slower than me or they decided as a group to walk. REALLY FRUSTRATING.

I did start having soreness /tightness issues, especially in my hips from about mile 9 on. There were many times I wanted to just quit. But I kept going. I was a bit irritated with myself because I did not take Aleve for prophylaxis (I had recently read that this can contribute to dehydration!) – and I was totally KICKING myself for not doing it. And I kept thinking, ok, rule #1 of a marathon is don’t do anything differently – well historically for 18 miles or more I have taken aleve the night before and morning of and now I didn’t… DUMB!

Another thing that was demotivating me was all the walkers. Maybe it is because I was pulling up the rear of the race, and because MCM has a lot of first timers… but it seemed that EVERYONE around me was walking. In my head this started making me crazy—I started thinking about mile 20ish the following questions-- Was I that slow? Was I out of shape? Why can’t I get past these people who are clearly really struggling? Did I have “no business” being in the race? What was my problem? Why can’t I get out of my head? Boy, running across the bridge SUCKS and is BORING as all hell, but at least I am “beating the bridge” with the time constraint and not having the sweeper wagon boot my ass off the course…. Finally, I just had to yell at myself in my own brain to “SHUT UP!!!! Suck it up!!! Just do this and stop being a whiny pussy sniveling baby!!!!”

Because my time was not stellar, because I did a little walking here and there( for either pain issues or getting stuck behind others in a bottle neck), because of all those bathroom stops … I am really grateful for my Garmin 305 heartrate monitor/GPS sports watch.

Garmin showed that my heart rate (in red) was pretty consistent over all, and even was LOWER towards the end than the beginning. Seeing my heart rate as not being too high (actually the average was 146) helped give me the mental strength to keep going… as in, I have TONS of reserves, I have the training/ability, this is just me not being in the right place in my head, I need to GET IT TOGETHER and keep going, not quit…

And… pulling in the finish last mile I did RUN and picked up the pace and at the very end I did run all the way up the hill, past all the walkers.

At the end, you get your medal from a Marine. I hugged mine! He was a cutie.

Last comment on the MCM is that family is not able to be at the finish line. There are barracades, etc. So meeting up w/ Dan & kids at the end was a nightmare. I did not get my post marathon massage or go to the beer tent (not really interested in that anyway) because I was looking for them .
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25 December 2009 @ 01:56 pm
If you are one of my non-jewish friends, please know this is not directed at you and is very tongue-in-cheek.

I am really sorry, we Jews have very few public traditions (aside from Chanukah candles in the window). We don't prosthelitize in public. We are very skeptical of anyone seeking to convert to our religion, in fact we discourage it. We don't flaunt our Jewishness and make people feel excluded in public celebrations...

We don't seek to assimilate ourselves or assimilate others. Very much a "be and let be" kind of attitude...

Frankly, we are mainly private about such things. And the things that we do have as "traditions" we want to keep to ourselves.

So... what am I getting upset about -- the venerable American Jewish traditions of
Chinese food
going to the movies
on Christmas eve & Christmas day!!!!

Ah, yes... I remember those years gone by where there were just a few chinese families, and a smattering of Jews in the chinese restaurant... no waiting for a table... friendly service, good food.... then going to the movies, and having no lines for the tickets, popcorn and just a 1/4 or so filled theater...

Well, somehow the goyim have figured it all out and now our fine tradition is destroyed with lines, waiting and not being a "Jewish event" anymore!!!!


Can't you people just let us have this moment to ourselves to escape your incessant:

- Christmas "music"

-Christmas decorations


-the assaults on the supposed religious tolerance of other faiths and in your face blasts of "you must assimilate or pretend to assimilate so we all can share in the joys of Christmas"

-your ridiculous platitudes like "Christmas is for everyone -- Christians and any other faiths" (fill in the rest with the classic line from Simpsons "Christmas is the time of year where people of all religions can come together to worship Jesus Christ")...

- TV shows all with their saccharine "Christmas episodes" telling us about the "true meaning of the season"

-the bell ringers in front of every grocery store

-the cheaply made Made in China GARBAGE that we are told we should buy because its our economic duty to make sure the retailers have a good holiday season and make profits...


If your freaking holiday is so goddamned great, why do you feel the need to leave your homes filled with perfect holiday bliss and descend upon us in the Chinese restaurants and the movie theatres?!?!?!?!?!? STAY THE FUCK HOME, AND LET US HAVE THIS 24 HOURS TO OURSELVES!!!!!!
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20 December 2009 @ 10:33 am
type in "what to use as a shovel if you don't have one" in to the google search engine:

should be the wikianswers, 3rd one down!

Just do it... it is hysterical
19 December 2009 @ 09:45 pm
How FREAKING EXCITING!!!! I am in the official Richmond 2009 marathon video! (that is definately me at 0:39 -- I am wearing a blue top and black pants, hair in pony tail and with a fanny pack!)

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15 November 2009 @ 05:13 pm
I have been training since April for being able to run in the Richmond Marathon. Some weeks were more “hard core than others”, but the last 3 months I have really hunkered down and focused primarily on running.

The forecast called for rain and yuckiest grossness in the few days before the race. In fact, there were rumors of either diverting the race or postponing it. But, the rains were going to be gone by Friday night and all was clear.

I took Friday off from work. Slept in (sort of) and waited for my friend Kate to call me. Plan was to go to lunch then drive down. By 11 am, I was getting antsy, but held off calling her till 11:30. It just rang. So at noon, I tried again, and woke her up. She took a quick shower and got to my house by 12:30ish.

It was cold, rainy and nasty November weather. Would the forecast be right and clear up? I had some doubts. We went to get a carbo-loading lunch at Noodles & Company. It was not stellar, but edible. I got penne pasta w/ tomato cream sauce and a chicken breast. I also got a rice crispy treat – after all, I was “carb loading”.

Got in the car and proceeded to drive towards Richmond. Crawl is more like it. Our drive should have only taken 90 min, instead it took almost 4 hrs. Luckily, we had Kate’s awesome I Phone with a ton of music for us to crank up and sing (horribly) at the top of our lungs together.

We pull up to Richmond at about 6pm, I get my race packet and really didn’t have too much time to do the health fair but did a quick pass. The WIN detergent people were there with a booth, and I briefly talked to them about how I LOVE their product, it works great for my technical clothes (gets the stink out) and they gave me a SHIT-TON of $1 off coupons (apparently they now carry this at Dicks Sporting Goods and at Safeway too!) and just for having been a customer, they gave me a free 20 wash sized bottle too!!! I was so JAZZED for that!!!

While briefly at the health fair, I also bought a fanny pack with a nice deep pocket, some extra small pockets and a bottle holder mesh bag that tucks into the fanny pack. It had the Richmond Marathon logo on it and was only $10. I figured that was more what I wanted for the marathon than my Fuel Belt I had brought.

Leaving the health fair they have you make sure your shoe tag works – good thing, mine was not activated yet. So they fixed it and I was off back to Kate’s car.

Quickly check into the hotel—Hilton offers free M&M cookies at the check in desk so grabbed one, look thru my goodie bag, Went to dinner at a pub near the hotel. Portobello mushroom caps with blue cheese grilled as an appetizer – freaking awesomeness! And I had a burger & fries too… and another M&M cookie before going back the room.

Decent sleep, but kept waking thinking I’ve over slept, and I dreamed that the rain did not stop and that I was bummed and angry in my dream that I would have to run in storms and that the forecast people stink.

Wake up, ate a banana and apple cinnamon Cheerios with Almond milk, get dressed, lubed the hell out of my blister-prone heels, lubed the hell out of my chest strap as that tends to chafe me too (being the “delicate flower” that I am!) and got generally psyched up for the big day!

Kate woke up, we had a conversation about why you would pay to run in a race, why I like the products I do for running (BodyGlide, sports beans, Luna Chews). I think she was just humoring me, but I answered her questions without geeking out too badly.

Hotel was literally 1.5 blocks from the start line – this was SUPER AWESOME! Walking to start, turn on my Garmin sports watch. It is picking up other people’s heart rate monitors, but eventually synchs to mine.

I get in line, chat with some women near me who are also running their 1st full marathons, wish each other luck, and we are off!

The first 13 miles seemed to just fly by. I must have had a permanent grin on my face. I felt so good, so healthy, and so happy.

Somewhere in those 13 miles, I realized that my heart rate monitor stopped working. I thought it odd that it always seemed to be at 104. I think the battery in the strap died and that was the last reading it took! So I thought, screw having the strap cut into me if it doesn’t work, so I took it off from under my shirt / sports bra and got a lot of “looks” as I did so, but who cares, and put it in to my new fanny pack pouch for safe keeping.

When I crossed the marker at 13.1, I realized that my time was 2hrs, 39 min 58 seconds, a few minutes faster than my prior ½ marathons! I was totally pleased with my performance and still felt I had lots of energy to go.

There was music every other mile or so, that was fun. I would pause my i-pod to listen to the music (often that is where the biggest crowds were gathered too).

There is definitely a reason Richmond is called “the friendliest marathon” -- All along the way there were lots of people cheering, calling out your name as you ran past. Some of the crowds were unofficially hanging out little bottles of water, cut up Krispy Kreme donuts (I ate one piece!), cereal squares (I passed), even Yuening Ling beer (I passed on that too)! There was even 2 stands of people along the way with a little card table type thing with Band-Aids and Vaseline if you needed them! Very cool.

(this next paragraph is dedicated to my friend Thad Holt, who recently did his first marathon during the Marine Corps Marathon and gave me a lot of really great advice) Along the way I was very conscientious about drinking fluids at every opportunity. Most of the time I grabbed 2 cups, usually just water, but sometimes that blue PowerAde which I really don’t like… They also gave out officially at 2 times Cliff Shots which are a goo packet, one was vanilla, the other was Raspberry. I ate both of those, and washed down quickly with water. I also ate a few packs of Sports Beans and a few packs of Luna Chews along the way. I feel like I ate a LOT and drank a lot, but it must have worked because I never hit “the wall”, ran the whole time (except for walking to drink or those few necessary bathroom stops on the way). It was AMAZING and so much fun. As I was passing people along the way, I thought to myself some of them seemed so exhausted, but I never felt that way at all. I chalk it up to being super hydrated, super carbed up and for doing the training program to prepare and not just try to “gut it out” like some clearly were doing.

When I passed mile 20, it was 4hrs, 7 min, 12 seconds. I thought to myself, if I crank it out, I could finish in just over about 5 hours! I was so stunned. I was anticipating a 6hr or 6.5 hr completion!

But I also know that I really can’t maintain a 6+mph pace for that long, so I just keep going at what felt comfortable for me which is somewhere between 11:30-12:30 minute mile.

Some interesting things along the route:

-the scenery by the James River was beautiful! The river was very churned up and fast moving from all the storm activity, so was wild and dangerous looking.

-passed some “old money Civil War type” mansions and funky newer very brightly colored homes too, a real interesting set of homes all along the way

-loved running past the different Monuments (mainly Civil War related)

-there were some people dressed in costumes along the way… notably a chicken, a cow and a tiger

-there was some lady with a rubber chicken who kept cropping up to cheer on the crowd

-loved the guy running in a pink boa with “Team Pink” on the back of his shirt. He told me that the boa helps him run faster! Love me some gays! :-)

-the cold wet washcloth stop at mile 17 seemed out of them when I went by, but it was a total GODSEND at mile 23!

-all along the route were signs posted into the ground. They had the funniest things on them like: “Dedicate this run to all those who picked you last in gym”, “Don’t crap your pants!”, “If running were easy, these guys would be doing it” (posted next to the party zone crowds), “your spouse called and asked ‘where are you?’” Run like snot”, “who fartleked?”, “toenails are overrated”, and stuff like that. Very entertaining and I looked forward to seeing the next one each time.

My friend Kate was waiting for me at the finish line and that was just so nice and sweet. My finish time was 5 hrs, 26 minutes, 12 seconds! Like I said, I really thought that 6-6.5 was a reasonable guestimate for me and I was a full 30-60 min faster than I ever thought I could do!!!!

They handed out nice medals for finishers and these foil cape type things so you don’t get cold after your run—that made me feel like a super hero! I loved it, and it worked really well.

At the runner’s finish area, I choked down a small piece of pizza and drank a bottle of water at the end. I really “wasn’t hungry” at all and wasn’t really thirsty either. That was stunning. But I knew I needed “something”… Kate offered to get me something from Starbucks, so I asked her for a Chai Latte. It was the BEST CHAI I have ever drank in my life! It was perfect.

Kate brought me my flip flop type shoes which are designed for people with plantar fasciitis. I changed into those and was totally STUNNED that I had NO blisters. She also brought me a fresh shirt, which I changed into, but don’t know why bothered b/c I was super ripe & stinky. Apparently I was bleeding from where my sports bra was rubbing in my skin – she thought it was an old blood stain, and did not mention it to me.

The hotel which was 1.5 blocks from the start, was about 7 blocks from the finish. So we made our way slowly back. Quickly jumped into the shower, saw I was bleeding and was stunned b/c did not feel that at all… but when got in the shower I felt the STING of all that salt on that fresh wound from bleeding from the bra edge… only real “damage” from the whole marathon.

Tried to nap, but didn’t really succeed. Went to dinner at a BBQ restaurant that was recommended by the hotel dude, line out the door at 5pm is always a “good sign” and that was so YUMMY. Scarfed down baby back ribs, beef ribs, mac & cheese, bbq beans, bread, blondie bar, and washed down with sweetened iced tea! Oh, and ate a M&M cookie too on the way back into the hotel also!

So, today, after the big run, I am a little sore, but no more than “normal”. And I feel like I can conquer the world! It is such a great feeling!
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31 October 2009 @ 04:34 pm
today, Rebecca told me that the philosphy "if you can run 20 miles, then you can run 26.2" is kinda like "if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball"... out of the mouths of babes! Too funny!

(btw, she has never seen Dodgeball. Just the previews)
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